Deli Bluem

Laudongasse 15, Vienna, Austria

Judith Stapel Vienna , Austria


Deli bluem is a small bistro café that serves only healthy dishes from fresh ingredients. They exclusively use biological ingredients and the dishes are free from conservatives, coloring agents or other additives.


Running,Vegan ,Healthy Food


Address : Laudongasse 15, Vienna, Austria

Website : Go To Website

Location : Vienna, Austria

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Opening Hours

Monday :   8.0.AM  to  7.0.PM

Tuesday :   8.0.AM  to  7.0.PM

Wednesday :   8.0.AM  to  7.0.PM

Thursday :   8.0.AM  to  7.0.PM

Friday :   8.0.AM  to  7.0.PM

Saturday :   9.0.AM  to  6.0.PM

Sunday :   9.0.AM  to  6.0.PM

Deli Bluem

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