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Club Mondain; Work and Travel made Healthy

This online space is a spark of what we do. A spark of which we are proud of and where members around the world find each other to look up spaces to stay fit and to inspire others by adding their own. Besides this online space that is intended to grow organically we provide the best way to make work and travel healthy. With our global programs we make the difference by offering the most practical and easiest way to stay fit in the meanwhile. Our programs are now quickly being picked up by companies that realize that people who travel often have a basic need - accomplishing their goals oversees - to stay fit. Did you already hear about us and want to know more of what we do, contact us at 0031 (0)20 716 3114

What we do
Club Mondain offers several services to keep you vitalised. All of our services are practical, easily accessible, fun, personalized and of high quality. Whether this is online through the platform or offline through workshops or coaching.

Are you a Frequent Traveler for work? Then it is a good moment to connect
- We add vitality to your organization and life with our tailormade 1-on- 1 programs which will help you to grow your awareness on where you can find new and better routines while staying healthy during work and travel.
- We also serve larger groups within departments that work remote with programs that help to maintain health
- Register on our website and leave your details we will contact you shortly
or call us +31 (0)20 716 3111 / coach@clubmondain.com and Get Going!

Vitality in Congress
Club Mondain has a special department that cares about your international delegates visiting a congress or event.
We support and consult organizations in constructing vitality programs during your event and we do this with the best trainers available. This may in- or exclude inside and team activities to create vitalized break and awareness on the topic of healthy habits. Think of yoga in your workhub, introduction into mindfulness or neck-and back massages on the spot. Contact us for more info +31 20 716 3114 or e-mail us at congressinvitality@clubmondain.com for information and references.

Who we are
Club Mondain Team lives for movement, vibrant and an exciting lifestyle. While pursuing their passions, they explore new exciting and easy ways to stay fit. In order to share and connect with other like-minded people as yourself.

Our founder, Judith Stapel, created Club Mondain to serve people on a global scale in their quest for human performance and figuring out how to connect work and life in a healthy and mindful way. Her entrepreneurial spirit and her personal passion for sports, travel and her life long quest to find, explore and share ways to stay healthy and live mindful, led to the realisation of her dream in 2018: Club Mondain. Having practiced many sports and discovering what mindfulness can add in daily life, she practiced forms from regular running and yoga to Shaolin Kung Fu and Vipassana. She knows the positive impact that sports and rest have on one’s vitality and energy and what positive influence it can have to inspire others in ones own journey.

Healthy and Happy Stays !!


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  • Email : go@clubmondain.com