Snooze You Lose… Or Not? | Club Mondain

Snooze you Lose… or not? | Club Mondain

A good night's rest is as important to your health as food, water and shelter. However it is something most people currently struggle with. It’s usually not so much the hours of sleep but the quality of rest that is key to a healthy lifestyle. In order to enjoy the benefits of enough sleep, it basically comes down to having healthy habits in place that work for you.

When asked most people know that sleep is important and when taking a closer look at their own routines know where they can improve. The tricky part is how to change. At Club Mondain we believe that first looking at small changes will lead to greater impact in the long run and in the end to the successful creation of new habits that add to your wanted results.

First thing is to accept that you have slept poorly, or are sleeping bad. Then assess by looking back and writing down what happened or you did the evening before. Things like stress, digital screens, heavy meals or travel can all impact the quantity and quality of your sleep. When reviewing the list of causes try and think of just 1 solution or alternative to every occurrence that negatively impacted your rest. And make that one as simple as possible.

Don't see it as a solution for your bad sleep, but as a way to get to your wanted result.

Here are 5 suggestions we recommend to help improve the quality of your sleep in the long run:

1. Create a slow-pace physical exercise routine in the evening like yoga, stretches or going on a short walk. This allows the mind to calm down and start processing the day. By gradually slowing down you prevent the mind from racing and hitting overdrive the second you lay down in bed,

2. In order to release built up tension softly massaging your calves can be beneficial to fall asleep faster.

3. Using a slightly heavier duvet and also help the body to relax and the mind to unwind. Too hot or not one handy? Opt for placing pillows on your legs.

4. Shut down all electronics at least 1 hour before going to sleep. Even switching any mobile devices to flight mode to ensure undisturbed nights and leave it out of the bedroom,

5. Use a sleep meditation ranging from 5 to 55 minutes. You can find many on YouTube or download the Headspace app, which is great to get started plus it still works even whilst your device is on flight mode.

Travel has additional implications such as different time zones, long commutes and new environment. Take a look at our previous blog on how to manage a jetlag.

Our signature program is designed to fit any multinational organisation, who wants to boost the vitality of their executives. Tailor-made vitality programs are available on request.

Support for your international team? Contact Club Mondain headquarters now via +31(0)20-716 31 14 or

Healthy Stays!
Team Club Mondain

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